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6 Things to Consider Before Starting Your Jar Collection

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6 Things to Consider Before Starting Your Jar Collection

So you’re ready to begin your jar collection! Which ones should you buy? How much will you spend? What else should you know?

Here are six questions to consider before jumping into jars.

1. How will you use your jars?

Do you plan to do a lot of canning, or will you mostly be freezing food in your jars? Perhaps you’re simply looking for cute jars to showcase your dry goods and organize your pantry. Will you be using them as drinking glasses or giving them as gifts? Maybe you want jars to store craft supplies and make candles.

Think about your top use for jars to determine the best brand and style for your needs. For example, if you plan to mostly freeze in jars, check out the best freezer styles and how to quickly thaw foods. If you plan to can fresh produce, you’ll want to decide what type of lid and seal you want to use.

For storing craft supplies, you may have more flexibility on the shape, however, the ease of opening and closing the lids may be of more importance. Similarly, if you are giving gifts in jars, a unique look and cost may be the more important factors.


2. Do you have a washing preference?

Do you want to solely rely on the dishwasher, or are you ok with handwashing? Weck jars are stunning straight out of the dishwasher because they are all glass, including the lid. Conversely, Le Parfait jars require handwashing, due to the galvanized steel bail wire. Typical mason jars have metal lids and rings that may rust if not dried promptly after washing.

Decide how much time and energy you want to invest in cleaning your jars, and factor that into your decision of which style and brand you purchase.


3. What is your budget?

If cost is a consideration and you plan to buy several jars, you may choose less costly jars. Typical mason jars (i.e. Ball and Kerr brands) are readily available and sold in cases for around $1 per jar, depending on the size and shape.

Weck jars are more expensive ($4 to $5 on average), however, they can be purchased in bulk at a discount.

Le Parfait jars are the most expensive ($5 to $13 on average) of the three styles and are harder to find at discounted prices.

Find out more about getting the best prices on jars.


4. What are your space constraints?

If you have odd-sized shelves, narrow or short spaces, then you may choose one jar shape over another.

One of the main reasons I purchased my specific upright freezer is because I knew my Weck and Le Parfait (wider diameter) jars would fit in the door compartments, allowing me extra usable storage space!

If you plan to store your jars in crates, you’ll want to maximize the number of jars you can fit in each crate.

Think not only about capacity (½ liter, liter, etc.) but also shape. A tall cylindrical jar may fit better in crates or refrigerator doors than a short, curvy tulip jar. Pint-sized mason jars may best fit in short, deep spaces, such as a freezer drawer.


5. Do you plan to stack your jars?

If you plan to stack your jars, your options become much more limited. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Mason jars don’t stack well with the metal lid and ring or the plastic screw-on lid. The plastic lid may stack better for wide-mouth jars, but can still be precarious.
  • Weck mold jars stack very well if they have the large (3 7/8”) glass lids; sometimes the medium-sized glass lids will stack, as with the 1/5 L tall jar. However, the smallest lids of any style, the juice jars and the cylindrical jars will not stack. If you hope to stack Weck jars, stick with the 1/5 L, ¼ L, ½ L ¾ L and 1 L mold jars.
  • Le Parfait Super and Terrine jars stack beautifully within each of the two styles. You can mix and match, however, you will have to carefully select which jar to put on top, and there may be a little wiggle room. (Example: The Super jar will stack on top of the Terrine with a little movement, however, the reverse will not work.)


6. Do you like uniformity or prefer an artistic mix?

If you like clean organization, you may want to stick with one brand and maybe even one style of jar. However, if you desire diverse beauty over functionality and want to display your jar collection, you may be just fine with an eclectic mix.


Beginning or adding to your jar collection is a super fun prospect! With a little thought and planning, you can have a beautiful and useful assembly to enhance your home organization. Think about how you want your pantry to look, how much space you have, what you’ll be storing, if you need to stack your jars, and how much you’re willing to spend before placing your order to get the most out of your new jars

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